Wine Art Estate – Techni Alipias 2015 – PGI Drama

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Youthful pale colour here with a green tinge, still indicating its youth. There is a presence of CO2. The nose is pure. Very aromatic style, no oak. With a lot of fresh vibrant aromas of green, almost like gooseberry, fresh lemon, lime, green apple, floral hint. Good bite on the palate. It keeps within the frames of medium body, but it has good flavour intensity here, really zesty and mouth-watering. With lots of primary fruit, almost with a hint of fresh grapes in there, with green apple and pear. Good extract as well. There is a presence of zesty or I would say balanced bitterness, like fresh grape skin. Medium towards long. So good purity. Flavour intensity presents itself really well today but should develop over the coming few years.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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