Weinwurm’s – Roter Muskateller 2015 – Niederösterreich

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Youthful appearance here, not a lot of colour intensity. A green hue, still with a presence of CO2. Beautiful nose, very much in this Muscat direction. Very floral with hints of fresh grape, grape skin, green apple, lemongrass and some wild herbs. Palate is on the lighter side. With a very high freshness. Not in a negative way, it is just like the style of this is very much lower in alcohol I think. Well-defined acidity. Light weight in terms of body, with youthful fruit, fresh green apple, some of that floral and grapey spiciness. Medium towards long finish. It does have length even though the body is quite light. In terms of drinking this is aperitif style or in hot summer for its lightness and for its invigorating effect. It is a nice wine.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.