Weinkultur Preiß – Chardonnay Vom kleinen Holz 2011 – Niederösterreich

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Quite youthful colour, still with a green presence and a colour boarding light golden. Quite expressive nose. It combines fine toastiness here, some roasted nuts, a gentle hint of oak. Quite ripe, but not overripe fruit. It is obviously in the direction of Chardonnay with some ripe lemon, some stone fruit, roasted almond. Some fresh herbal notes. Quite layered with a hint of complexity. Quite full palate, which means rather broad fruit, rounded, with yellow stone fruit. Some buttery notes. There is still a presence of roasted oak, the roasted nuts. Good level of spiciness in terms of fresh herbs, chamomile. Just a slight hint of residual sugar, but otherwise the level of acidity is fine, so it gives a quite dry and fresh impression on the palate. The finish has more than medium length. Medium towards long. It sits on the palate for a while. Yeah, leaves quite a good clean, grippy finish.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.