Weingut Schneeberger – Gin 2015 – Spirit

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No colour to talk about here. Good brightness, absolutely transparent. Very intense nose. There is good purity here. It is obviously a gin style with a quite recognizable herbal character. On top of that I pick up something in the direction of chamomile with mint, also with a lot of things that reminds me of liquorice, such as anise seed. Dried herbs like caraway, anise seed. But good purity and intensity and I like that addition of that quite pungent and minty notes. I like the bite on the palate. It is a distinctly quite high alcohol, but I really think that gives it a bite and of course when mixed with drinks that should give a nice sensation of freshness. I think this one has a balanced bitterness. Once again those herbal notes of dried herbs, chamomile, mint and liquorice. With some lemon and lime zest. It gives a really good lift to it. It has a good persistent. Long finish. I think this is quite high in alcohol but I do not pick it up as being hot or heavy. So really refreshing and distinct style of gin with nice spiciness.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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