Weingut Ökonomierat Lind – Edition 2009 – Pfalz

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Very deep and intense colour here, rather opaque at the core but losing some colour on the rim. Intense nose. Quite ripe with mostly dark fruit. There is something meaty and smoky here as well, so a hint of oak. I like this meaty, slightly gamy notes like smoked meat, smoked reindeer. No one knows it but I use to eat a lot of it when I grew up in Sweden. So smoked meat. Lush dark fruit like dark berries, plum. I think it has a certain evolution as the oak seems to have integrated fairly well. Then we have some of that spice box. Palate is ripe, quite bold, we still have a fair amount of extraction there, so pronounced tannin on the mid-palate with dark, ripe fruit. Cassis, plum, spicy notes. We still feel a hint of roasted oak on the finish, then some of those smoky tobacco notes. Really good length, broad shouldered. I think it has a bit more evolution on the nose. The palate still appears quite young. This is definitely a wine I would like to put back in the cellar for another few years to round off the edges a little bit. Doubtlessly a high potential, but young and sturdy.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.