Weingut Felberjörgl – Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2011 – Südoststeiermark

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Medium deep, golden colour, with some development. Pure nose. Quite intense, combining stone, fruity aromas, with a hint of honey. There is also a slight vegetal component, something earthy, like asparagus, liquorice root, with some saffron and honey. The palate has a high degree of sweetness. Very intense with notes of almond, and dried spices, mascarpone. There is some orange zest, just a great wealth of tropical fruit. It certainly does have length, with and integrated acidity. No influence of oak. It has reached a good level of drinkability today I think. There is nothing angular in there. Nothing too young, so yeah really enjoyable and lushes sweet wine.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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