Villa Massa – Limoncello NV

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Very green, yellow-green, tinted colour, high viscosity. Very lemon infused on the nose, but there is a freshness to it. There is a lot of a fresh lemon peel, not perfectly ripe lemon, some notes of that green of the lemon skin, almost like lime. There is some freshness, almost like green apple and cucumber. Quite a high sweetness here, we are in a liquor doubtlessly, a limoncello style of course. It offers a lot of good mouthfeel. I think this sweetness is not cloy, I think the lemon flavours are not artificial, you get the zest from a fresh lemon and lime. Of course with ice it would be slightly more diluted and you would get an even higher sense of freshness. However, for tasting and judging it is quite interesting to see what the raw material is all about. Good length, particularly on the finish, I think those zesty and vibrant fruit flavours of lemon and lime overshadows some of that sweetness. So it is a well balanced style liquor.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.