Valais Mundi – Electus 2011 – Valais

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Red wine with a medium intense ruby-red colour. Nothing blue or purple, so it should have a certain age. The nose starts out quite spicy. There are dry spices there, some dried herbs, almost like medicinal herbs. Mostly red fruit, quite sweet red fruit. With some hints of cherry, plum. The palate is quite full, it has a dense grip with quite a lot of extract here. Fairly tannic, with notes of more like sour red cherry, red currant, some herbal notes. A fine spiciness, still with present oak. It stands, it is quite powerful it has a good length. It appears to me though still a bit on the young side, thanks to that presence of tannin. Giving a slightly dry sensation on the palate. Still a youthful acidity and present oak. A wine I would clearly like to put back in the cellar and let it gain some more roundness and harmony over the coming three to four years.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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