Tosti – Cuvée Giulio 1 2008 – Alta Langa

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Sparkling wine, but with a hint of evolution as the bubbles appear a bit smaller, and we have some more colour here, deeper straw colour or light golden. There’s some evolution here, still with generous fruit; we’re talking about yellow fruity notes like apricot, peach, ripe lemon, also with some nutty almondy notes, and a hint of yeast as well, like contact on the lees that adds some complexity, what I call “vinous”. Good grip on the palate, bone-dry, with well-integrated mousse. It’s still a style which is rather on the fruity side, because we still have a lot of generosity with that yellow fruit going on. Well-kept freshness, much morecool climate style of sparkling, still far from champagne but more generous in that overtly fruity, nutty almondy infused yellow fruit. A certain complexity for sure, it has some age and it has got a bit more layers and nuance thanks to the lees contact. Rather long finish as well, quite persistent with a good dose of freshness, combining that freshness and generosity. It’s a nice wine, I like this one.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.