Tittarelli – Roble Oak 2013 Aged – Mendoza

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Red wine with a dark core here, black-purple appearing very youthful. The nose is also very young, almost freshly fermented wine grapes, fresh grapes. There is some notes of almost like orange peel, anise seed, rather on the dark fruity side. No noticeable oak more on the subtle fruity style. The palate is also appearing quite young. There is a quite good density of fruit here. Also in terms of tannin an extract, it is appearing youthful. Still have a slightly drying sensation from the tannins. I like the spiciness in this one, combining those ripe dark plum, blackberry notes. I get some ginger, orange peel. No noticeable oak. Still made in a fruitier and fresher style. Good level of acidity, medium towards long finish. I still would call it a bit young I would prefer to age it a little bit more just for those tannins to settle. Otherwise really pleasurable fruit with a nice level of spiciness

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.