Terrazas de los Andes – Las Compuertas Single Vineyard 2011 – Mendoza

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Red wine with a very high density here, the centre is really dark purple colouring the glass as well. The nose seems quite traditional here, good intensity with a clear presence of aging in oak. In my mind this brings my mind more towards an American oak, with a quite clear presence of vanilla. I get some dill, some pepper and then quite lushes fruit, quite ripe, like really dark plum, dark cherry, some notes of cassis. Nice palate here, I think this is a wine with a good level of density and a quite mellow extraction With medium high in terms of tannin, finely integrated. With that juicy dark fruit, mainly plum, some dark chocolate and then there is a quite floral touch as well like violet. On the finish, I get a hint of spiciness like dried spices, like white pepper, clove. Still youthful, but I would say balanced with a good drinkability. Good length and fine purity. The nose seemed a bit more dominated by oak, but I think the wood is not really as noticeable on the palate. It keeps lingering for a good while. So good persistence, good weight with a fine level of extraction to enjoy.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.