Terrassous – Ambré Hors d’Age 18 ans – Rivesaltes

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Pretty colour, deep golden, but rather amber with a slight rim indicating a certain evolution, high viscosity as well indicating sweetness. Intense nose, complex nose, also indicating an oxidative style, with good complexity here, we have dry wood, cedar wood, tobacco, caramel, dry nuts and dried fruits. Very good intensity. Very intense palate, high sweetness, rather high alcohol, but I think in this style of sweet wine that high alcohol is actually adding balance and freshness to tamper that sweetness a little bit. And we get those lovely dried fruit things coming back, walnuts, caramelized nuts, caramel, tobacco, and on the finish it’s not heavy or cloying, there’s a good sense of freshness, keeps lingering for a good while. Nice level of complexity here. A very refined, aged style of wine, there’s a good level of maturity in this one. Very long finish, very pretty wine, I think this is a style of wine that is very underrated. Something I’d happily indulge with something made with almonds, nuts, chocolate. Beautiful dessert.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.