Terrai – OVG 2014 – Cariñena

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Medium high colour intensity here, it is very youthful, more blue-purple than red present. Also, the nose is indicating youth. Good purity here. Very delicious fruit. High ripeness. Combining red and dark berries with some floral notes. No noticeable oak, and a slight mineral presence as well, some stony notes. A slight spiciness of anise seed. Very nice palate. I like this pure style, not really touched or marked by any oak. Just the purity of ripe fruit. Nice vinification, rather soft and subtle. Fruit is really on the dark side. Almost aromatically it is like blackberry, jam, and plum. It does have a very bright acidity present. A slight sense of minerality as well. It is still youthful, there is a slight tannic sensation, but they are rounded and well integrated. Really long, pure and fruit driven finish. This certainly a wine that has a structure to continue to evolve, to be aged in a good cellar. I am kind of attracted to that direct fruit, that juiciness already now.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.