Tenute Lunelli – Ziggurat 2011 – Montefalco Rosso

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Red wine with a quite low colour intensity, it seems it has gota certain evolution, judging from the rim which is rather towards tawny with a light ruby nuance overall. Sweet nose of red berries, cherry. Discreet oak. A certain spiciness, sweet spiciness like ginger, clove. Nicely rounded on the palate. That sweet red fruit is very present. It has a tannic presence too but I think it’s fairly well integrated now. It seems like it has got a few years of evolution. No oak is really noticeable, so it’s a more fruit-driven style with that slightly spicy fresh red berry, cherry character with a medium towards long finish. A wine that is perfectly drinkable today; nice and pleasant and well-made

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.