Takler Winery – Regnum 2011 – Szekszárd

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Red wine with a moderate intensity here, ruby red core, still with coloured legs and a fairly high viscosity, indicating a certain ripeness. The nose has some evolution. No noticeable oak really, I would talk about a much more traditional style here, with some dried fruity notes, plum, red currants. There’s a herbal touch there, sage, bouquet garni. Palate has a good bite, still with a tannic presence here. It feels like a traditional style with extended oak aging. Fruit is more on the dried fruity side, dried cherry, tobacco. Quite firm tannins today, a good amount of acidity. There’s a certain complexity on the finish, which is medium towards long in terms of persistence. So traditional style, still a bit backwards, I think it would deserve another few years in the cellar to really round off those edges and show off a bit more of that fruit and roundness and charm.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.