Stelios Kechris Domaine – The Tear of the Pine 2015 – PGI Macedonia

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Pale colour really youthful with a slight green hue. The nose is offering a lot of intensity. This is obviously a Restina style, so we have some resiny notes present there. But I would say it is a modern style, a modern interpretation of the classic Restina. So it does have a lot of those balsamic hints. Good intensity but there is still a fair amount of I would say normal wine, normal fruit. In the direction of apple, pear, some apricot and some citrus. There is obviously, I do not think, any presence of oak. I think this presence of resin, pine resin, is well-integrated. If you are not used to this style it might be a bit particular, but I remember the traditional styles of these wines that can be quite out there. I like it a lot, good flavour intensity here. Medium weight, fresh acidity, good purity of fruit. Good balance, quite persistent on the palate. A fine and modern interpretation of a very traditional style.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.