Sibona – Grappa di Moscato NV

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Quite light colour, just a hint of slight straw colour there, doesn’t indicate oak aging. Quite intense note there, rather fruity and its doubtlessly grape distilled, with hints quite perfumed. I would say those grapey hints, with those spicy notes as well, a hint of honey, some floral notes as well. Quite floral with perhaps some herbal notes. Very good bite on the plate, this is a nice style of rough grappa, I would say rough in the positive sense, it really gives you that warm mouthfeel. Nice sense of a digestion and it is not too influenced by oak. It is more of that raw spirit and those notes of almost like freshly fermented grape must. Quite persistent, with balanced alcohol in the finish.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.