Senorio de Astobiza – 2014 – Txakoli De Okondo

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Youthful and pale white wine with a green tinge. Very youthful on the nose, there’s some floral herbal notes here, hint of chamomile, citrus, green apple; I would say very raw, not in a negative way but like freshly fermented must, very grapey. Really nice bite on the palate, citrusy notes, mouthwatering for sure. It’s a light-bodied wine, and I think the alcohol feels slightly lower as well. A really distinct freshness here, with some notes of green apple, some of that herbal spiciness like chamomile, lemon zest, and a decently long finish. A very attractive wine, in a very juicy and drinkable style, a vin de soif with those grapey notes and that attractive youth. Not a wine to keep, not a wine to talk about complexity, but rather pleasure for that youthful and intense freshness.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.