Sardus Pater – Arruga Superiore 2009 – Carignano Del Sulcis

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Fully developed colour here light ruby with some brick or amber hints. Quite feeble rim as well. The nose is also fully developed, approaching rather dried fruit, tobacco, spice box, dried plum, some caramel. The palate has a quite good grip, quite full. I would talk about a very traditional style with long oak ageing. This is now approaching the drier fruit spectrum. None of the less it does have good balance. With a rather mellow acidity, but there is fine tannin there. Giving a good lift on the palate. Some nuttiness, with hints of tobacco. With a quite long finish. I would call this a quite traditional European style of wine that has gotten a fairly extended oak ageing. Taking on this slightly drier, developed complex and spicy profile.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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