San Simone – Case Sugan 2014 – Friuli Grave

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White wine, I still see some hints of carbonic gas in this one; I suppose it’s a still wine but I think it’s a good way of preserving freshness even in still wine. The nuance is rather pale towards medium-deep straw colour. It’s a quite aromatic style, youthful, with primary fruit like almost fresh grapes, green apple, pear. Good freshness there; youthful, crisp and vibrant, in a slightly more lightweight style I would say. It has a good freshness, it has a certain length, but the body is more on the lighter side with that youthful primary fruit, fresh grapes, fresh apple with a slight herbal spiciness. A style I would deem to enjoy in its fair youth, which is now and in the coming years, for its freshness.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.