Rodaro Paolo – L’Evoluto Limited Edition Sauvignon 2011 – Venezia Giulia

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White wine with a light golden colour, still appearing rather youthful due to a slight hint of greenness. Aromatic, very fine nose, a hint of minerality there; I get a slight notion of almost Sauvignon-like, but riper, more on the yellow fruity side than the green side; we still have aromatic herbs in there, some grassy notes. No noticeable oak in here, more on the primary fruity side. Good bite on the palate; it’s at least medium-bodied style, I think it has good persistence, lingering flavours. We have a balanced bitterness, I think it gives a slight tannic sensation there, which is a positive one, more like lemon lime zest. A rounded acidity, but it’s still a wine that finishes dry and fresh. I like this style, with its pure, unoaked, attractive aromatic fruit. It has a good length as well, it’s vibrant, it lingers on the finish. A wine I’d happily drink.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.