The most complete offer.

From now on, TASTED provides more than notes and comments. Participating in our tastings is a guarantee of high visibility.

For every wine tasted by Andreas Larsson, you get: A score out of 100 and a comment in the website A listing in the networking platform A publication on our social networks Facebook and Instagram (600 views minimum per post) A medal with “Andreas Larsson” name and the grade awarded.

In addition, your results will be shared with the 95,000 subscribers to our Newsletter, including 23,000 targeted buyers worldwide, as well as with the Vivino and Wineadvisor communities.




The quantity ofwines tasted each year.


Our professionalcontacts thro ughout the world

 business cards collected since 2002

The number of buyers whosubscribe to our newsletter


The average openingrate of our e-mailing and newsletter

The results of

the tasting will be

  • Put online and freely available on our website
  • Published on our social networks and those of Andreas Larsson.
  • Sent to the 95 000 professionals (sommeliers, buyers, distributors, journalists…) who subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
  • Forwarded to our network of 23,000 buyers/distributors worldwide.
  • Shared with the Vivino and Wine advisor communities.

For each

wine registered, get

  • The tasting of yourwine
  • A score on the web site
  • A tasting note on the website
  • A medal in PDF format with the score and the name of Andreas Larsson
  • The promotion of the wine on the platform
  • Sharing of scores and tasting note with the Vivino and Wine advisor communities.
  • Publications on our social networks Facebook and Instagram

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