Pfitscher – Saxum 2014 – Alto Adige

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It’s a wine with a medium deep straw colour, still youthful with a slight green tinge. Very expressive nose, very aromatic; I get a hint of Sauvignon-like I would say, because there’s notes of cut grass, of herbs, but quite ripe – not really green but rather ripe. On top of that I would talk about ripe citrus as well, like ripe lemon, some lime with some floral notes, and a hint of stone fruit as well. Nice palate, with a good bite; there’s a freshness there and I get more of those grassy herbal notes, which adds a lot of freshness to it. There’s a medium weight but I would talk about a good flavour intensity here, I get ripe pear with some of those citrus and lime notes as well. Really good length here; it’s lingering, with layers of that really fresh and delicate fruit. There’s no hint of oak, but I think that this is a wine still that has more weight than just a light Sauvignon style, whatever it is. I like it a lot because it’s pure and fresh but it still has the weight and concentration to go on. It should probably age pretty well even if it is a really nice and drinkable wine right now.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.