Naoussa Winery – 1879 Boutary Legacy 2007 – PDO Naoussa

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Medium deep colour here, with a lot of evolution towards the rim. More, I would say, ruby towards tawny, indicating evolution. The nose is certainly showing the same evolution. There is a hint of complexity. No primary fruit, more in the direction of dried fruit. Quite sweet fruit with hints of chocolate, dried berries, with tobacco and leather. So it does have age but it still has a purity with no oxidation I would say. Medium weight on the palate, a bit more actually. Quite tannic style. There is a good wealth of tannin on the palate. I suppose this is a style that needs age to shed that tannic sensation we do have here. It is certainly still, I would talk about, complexity. Nice notes of dried fruit. More in a very traditional style, slightly balsamic with fine spiciness. It does have length indeed. Again the fruit is more towards the dried fruit. So good length, good volume. I would say this is a style of wine that should really divide consumers. If you like the traditional, more tannic, traditional style, it should be really nice. I really like the spice complexity. At the same time, it is far from the juicy, primary style but that is also what comes with age. So very interesting.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.