Masi Tupungato – Corbec 2010 – Mendoza

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Medium deep ruby-red colour here, a slight development. Generous nose, also with a hint of evolution. I get some dried spices here; like white pepper and clove. In terms of fruitiness it is rather a mix of red and dark berries. And we have a clear presence of wood here like some wood and vanilla. I also get a slight hint of something lactic here, like yogurt. On the palate this is rather medium weight with moderate ripeness of fruit. We have quite fresh red fruit; like sour cherry, some plum. We have that white pepper with some herbal spiciness. I think the oak is fairly integrated on the taste it is more noticeable on the nose. I still get a little hint of that creamy, lactic, almost yogurt notes. It is quite high acidity, still with a slightly tight in terms of tannin Still with a quite bit of extract tannin sensation on the finish and medium length. I would say a wine to probably put back in your cellar for another one to two years maybe soften a little bit. But it is pretty drinkable at this stage anyway I would say.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.