Mas de La Deveze – Maury Sec 2012 – Tautavel

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Dark intense core, dark ruby, slightly liquory, some hints of purple. Sweet nose indicating very ripe fruit, almost dried fruit aromas, spices; and we have some hints of kirsch and fig, almost port-like. Very ripe palate, very warm, it has a good core of dense fruit, but a loose structure, not so much tannin, rather around great volume, with fine chocolate powder, those sweet figs and dates. It’s a very high ripeness obviously, we get that slightly sweet sensation, however the wine is dry, with fine spiciness. Very powdery tannin actually. Really no feeling of oak, with a long juicy sweet fruit aftertaste. Well made, and I think that this – considering it feels like a Grenache style with high ripeness from a warm climate – is still well preserved by that freshness and bite on the finish. So a very attractive wine, that I’d happily be drinking.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.