Marzadro – Grappa Stravecchia Le Diciotto Lune NV

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The colour is medium to deep golden, still very bright. This one indicates a certain oak ageing. Intense nose here, it has a lot of orange, orange zest, candid orange and we have that slight sweetness, like chocolate praline. It indicates a certain oak aging, but still with that grapey element in there; some vanilla and coconut. Good bite on the palate. Here I get more aged aromas. The oak is coming through, more of a nutty complexity; notes of tobacco, cedar wood, much more vanilla. It is still a dry grappa, but thanks to the age, I get more sensation of sweetness; like chocolate pralines, like vanilla. Alcohol is really well integrated, it gives a good bite at first, but the finish is more about that spiciness, that slightly candied, chocolatey – a very enjoyable style. It gives you that bite and digestion, but it also flirts with that opulent sweetness.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.