Martin&Anna Arndorfer – Von den Terrassen 1979 Roter Veltline 2013 – Kamptal

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Developed colour, medium deep golden. The nose is also showing some development there, with a slight hint of high ripeness or over ripeness. With notes of honey, some candied fruit, almost like windfall and bruised apple. Hint of cider. Quite good grip on the palate. With slight hint of bitterness as well. Again these notes of freshly crushed apple with lemon and lime zest. The palate appears slightly younger than the nose. It has some evolution. Quite an elevated acidity on the finish. Medium towards long finish. Slightly particular style, not the usual primary fruit example. I think it has a bit more evolution or a deliberate oxidation during vinification. None the less with character and structure, but quite a particular style.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.