Lou Miranda Estate – Old Vine Shiraz 2012 – Barossa Valley

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Quite dark coloured here, a dark ruby-red core with a slight hint of purple. A bit lighter towards the rim. The nose is quite intense, with layers of dark fruit, peppered dark fruit, with plum, blackberry, freshly ground pepper, some spicy notes of liquorice and anise seed. A slight hint of oak as well. Quite a full palate. With moderately high tannin, already quite settled. Giving a quite lush and subtle mouthfeel. Good density of fruit. That liquorice and anise seed spiced dark fruit. There is still some roasted oak resistant on the palate. Rather a mild acidity, but nonetheless it is a wine with good grip and sensation of freshness on the finish. Medium towards long finish, high ripeness but still I think the alcohol is in place. Youthful, but I still think tempting in terms of that dark lushes fruit, it should definitely gain more nuance and complexity over time.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.