Loïc Mahé – Les Fougeraies 2013 – Savennières

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Light golden colour, but still youthful with that slightly green hue. Very intense nose. I would say young but already complex. There is probably a lot of things to say here. I think this nicely combines a lot of quite tropical fruit, with yellow plum, peach, apricot, pineapple. At the same time I really like this purity because it has more austere notes as well, like firm green apple, citrus. A certain stoniness. No oak to talk about really, but quite a lot of nuttiness and I suppose this is really the complexity of a good Chenin. Really good grip on the palate. On the nose this wine indicates a certain sweetness. Obviously the grapes are very ripe or with a controlled over ripeness, I would say. It still has that very bone-dry bite on the palate. I really like that salivating effect you do get. Very good length as well. On the after taste you encounter more of those tropical fruit. Very good attack on the palate. Really an assertive wine that really has its place with the great gastronomy. This is really young. I think it is pretty tempting and delicious already, but this style of wine is obviously something that will develop really nicely and I think this will gain a lot of complexity over the coming two, four, six, eight, ten years. Very much a matter of preference. Really a good wine. It has weight, it has structure, it has length, it has acidity, it has lushes fruit. So very much a complete wine that will continue to develop really nicely.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.