Lamole di Lamole – Gran Selezione Vigneto Di Campolungo 2010 – Chianti Classico

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Red wine with a medium deep ruby red colour, with a certain age. Pure nose, rather on the fruity side with some development, quite sweet fruity character there with ripe cherry and plum. No evident oak, rather mild spiciness with a whiff of vanilla. The palate is slightly more expressive than the nose, it’s offering nice sweet fruit yet it’s still classically dry, with a good level of freshness. We have a tannic presence but they’re quite integrated already, pretty well dissolved into the wine, also offering a pretty good length. Classic style, with a good emphasis on fruit, some evolution again, so on the finish I get a certain level of spiciness and complexity; and that combination of sweet fruit, sweet cherry with a balanced freshness and acidity. To me a wine I’d happily drink today, with a good level of drinkability.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.