La Grange du Bouïs – Cuvée Juliette – Cru d’Elégance 2010 – Pays d’Oc

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Red wine still with a very deep, dense, almost opaque core. However, it seems to lose a lot of colour on the rim. So it appears to have a certain evolution. The nose confirms that evolution. There is more than primary fruit here. I am picking up some more earthy notes. Some dried fruit. There is a clear notion there I think of quite a ripe Cabernet Sauvignon particularly. I do get this cassis, like crème de cassis, with some aromatic herbs; like sage, mint with dark plum. So quite ripe, but with a certain evolution, spiciness, leather coming with age. Dense palate. Good grip, fairly high concentration. More of an emphasis on fruit, there is no noticeable oak there. Still with that tannic presence. However, I would say starting to round off today thanks to that age. As for the fruit flavours, it is pretty much like on the nose, dark cassis and dark plum with a slight herbal presence. Well balanced freshness. And quite a long finish. A wine that has reached a good level of drinkability, but has the potential to go on for another four to five years in a good cellar.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.