Ktima Pavlidis – Thema 2013 – PGI Drama

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Very dark and inky colour here with a slightly purple hue. Dense core, impenetrable with a high viscosity, high colour intensity. Pure nose quite modern style with intense and inky fruit. Notes of dark inky berries, cassis, blackberry. Gentle hint of oak and a mild spiciness. Good bite on the palate here. High concentration, intense dark fruit, with floral undertones, like violet with again, to repeat myself, blackberry, cassis. Fine integration of oak. Quite intense extract, but it is not extracted. It is rather the style of the grape variety with a lot of tannin. I would say they are ripe grapes. Tannins are already integrated. I would already call this drinkable. Even though this density and concentration would allow for a quite long ageing.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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