Jean d’Alibert – Cuvée Grand Terroir 2011 – Minervois La Livinière

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Red wine with a medium intense ruby-red colour. Pure nose. Starting out quite spicy with white pepper, vanilla, some hints of ginger. Then more fruity notes reminiscent of mainly plum and red berries, with a slight herbal component as well. Palate has medium weight, still with a quite pronounced tannic sensation. Fresh acidity, it feels slightly cooler and restrained style. However, it is still a quite warm, or a quite Southern wine, let’s say, stylistically. Well restrained, no noticeable oak. Emphasis on that primary, juicy red fruit. Has a certain length as well. Keeps lingering. So a wine, I would say, is pretty ready to drink. I still find that slight tannic presence. Particularly with a hearty dish, something rich in protein, like a nice piece of lamb or anything, it should work deliciously.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.