Heribert Bayer – Herzblut 2009 – Mittelburgenland

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Medium-deep ruby-red, still starting to lose some of that colour with a slightly paler rim. Intense nose, hint of volatile acidity. Very sweet fruit in the direction of prune, dried berries, there is a lot of toastiness there, roasted oak, a hint of smoke and leather. Far from youthful, there is a slight hint of aged complexity as well. Still very dense palate. With quite youthful tannins. Still quite grippy tannins, pronounced. There is still a good degree of oak on the palate as well. Slightly roasted, slightly burnt flavours with that dried fruit character. Quite long finish, but I think the taste wise is still very much dominated by oak. It is not really a young wine so it is a question mark wither this will be integrated within the future or not.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.