Hammel – L’Ovaille 2014 – Yvorne Grand Cru

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Quite pale colour, slightly green hue. Pure nose. Starts out quite discreetly, rather an expression of mineral. Some stony notes with lemon and lime zest. Some slight hint of herbs. No noticeable oak. Bone-dry palate. Really gripy with zesty notes of lemon and lime there. Lighter bodied but good flavour intensity there. Balanced extract, adding a lift on the palate. Bright acidity, still very youthful. Clearly a style of wine that starts out pretty discreetly, a bit neutral on the palate, but it really expands and the finish is really long and lingering. So I think it is expanding more on the finish, turning a bit more into ripe fruit, like pear, melon and with this presence of minerality. Yeah, good wine. Interesting. Still youthful and unresolved, but it should develop nicely. Something to put back in the cellar.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.