Greek Wine Cellars – Kouros 2015 – PDO Patras

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Pale colour here, not a lot of intensity a slight green hue, there is still some CO2 present, indicating youth. The nose is really pure. Very fresh, almost like freshly fermented wine. No oak. I would talk about the grapy variety in the direction of Muscat, or with a lot of grapy notes, fresh grapes, green apple, citrus, some floral notes. At the same time it does have some ripe fruit as well, like really fresh pineapple. Good grip on the palate here. High acidity, well-integrated. So mouth-watering. Light-bodied, rather light on the finish, but I like the purity of fruit, good freshness. I would call it quite Mediterranean style, which is well-made for a warmer climate for the beginning of the meal.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.