Grand Vin de Reignac – 2012 – Bordeaux Supérieur

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Quite deep colour, it has lost that youthful ruby-purple, so it is a bit more evolved, but still with a dense ruby core. Quite intense nose. There is a hint of evolution and complexity I would say. Beyond dark fruit, plum, cassis and tobacco, there are some earthy notes. Some earthiness, a slight hint of black truffle. Good grip on the palate. Quite full-bodied. Still with a tannic presence, but it doesn’t really appear harsh. You still feel that extract, but I think this is just about to starting to open up. There is a good wealth of fruit, wild berries with dark plum, cassis. Quite attractive fruit, with an underlining spiciness. Some hint of that wet earth and truffle. There is certainly oak, but not really that noticeable on the palate. Quite long finish. Nice chewy and meaty. Quite good length. Starting to open up now, but should certainly have development for potential for quite a long time.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.