Gerard Bertrand – La Forge 2012 – Corbières Boutenac

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Red wine, some evolution on the rim, a rather light tawny nuance, but the core is still very dense deep ruby. Nose is clean, very intense, with floral notes, here I pick up violet; I think there’s a fine degree of oak, very discreet but it adds some smoke, I almost get black truffles here, and really ripe dark juicy berries. Fine spices as well, a fair deal of complexity on the nose I would say; good evolution as well. Very dense core of fruit, high degree of tannin, but this is a wine that has got a hint of evolution, so it’s already well-integrated, grainy, almost chocolate powdery. Sweet fruit, but still the palate is dry; but we feel a good degree of ripeness and a fine degree of drinkability in the wine as well. Lovely fruit, sweet juicy blackberry, with mild spices. I get a hint of that black truffle I love on the palate as well. Really long and lingering, unctuous warm finish. Ripe and warm but in a refined way, stylish, with a good degree of complexity. Something I would be very happy to imbibe with something simple like spaghetti with fresh black truffles. Makes me hungry. Très bon!

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.