Gerard Bertrand – Cigalus 2013 – Aude Hauterive

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Medium deep golden colour, some intensity here. Very nice intensity on the nose, pure, very floral and fruity, also with a hint of nuts from the élevage, it feels like this has seen a touch of oak, we get some vanilla here. Very fine wood, I like this quite discrete roasted style, we have some notes of hazelnut, and beautiful fruit, very pure, high ripeness, but it still feels quite well-restrained in terms of freshness. We have some ripe apricot, ripe lemon, some notes of stone fruits. We’ll call this rather full-bodied for a white wine, it’s got a rather bold structure, quite well-balanced, we feel a hint of oak on the palate but it’s still quite subtle and mainly the fruit is coming out. Ripe stone fruit, good backbone, good bite, moderate acidity, vinified in a dry and fresh style, and we also get some freshness. Nice intensity on the finish as well, this has really good length, keeps lingering on the palate, nice harmony on the final. Bold, ripe stone fruit, finely tuned oak, still rather youthful, I think we can drink this with pleasure today. However, this is rather full-bodied, nicely-made, I think this is a wine that has the structure to develop complexity over the course of a few years. So, very nice, attractive, feels like Southern French style, ambitious, nice, elegant juicy fruit. Attractive drinking.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.