Eugenio Collavini – Broy 2013 – Collio

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White wine, with a quite generous light towards medium golden colour. Quite ripe nose, more on the tropical side with hints of yellow fruit, peach, apricot. There’s also some herbal notes, but not in the sense of green; rather aromatic herbs, grassy notes – so a rather aromatic variety in this case. Nice purity, I like it. Good grip on the palate, it’s bone-dry; there’s no oak there, but it still has a good weight, good texture. Rounded in terms of texture, but still marked by a very vibrant and fresh acidity. On the palate I find this combination of quite ripe yellow fruit with some of that aromatic spiciness going on. I think it’s a wine that has nuance and dimensions as well, it’s more than just a simple fresh style, because it has a very good length. I also find a slight tannic presence in this one, which I mean as a positive bitterness, like lemon zest or lime zest, giving a good lift; good spiciness in that sense. Very attractive wine with pure vibrant fruit, still primary and young but certainly with the structure for further aging.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.