Esporão – Reserva 2014 – Alentejo

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Very bright colour, youthful with a slight green hue and light-golden nuance. Fine nose here, it starts out quite discreetly, but there is quite a lot of stuffing in there. With some mineral notes, good purity of fruit here and ripe but not super ripe fruit. Barely ripe stone fruit I would say. Then we have some floral hints, some wild herbs and no indication of oak really. Very good grip on the palate. There is fine extract here, giving a nice mouth-watering sensation, with some hints of lemon and lime zest. Fruitiness is quite discreet with ripe pear, green apple. I still don’t really pick up, there might be a slight hint of just used oak in the background. A slight hint of nuttiness, but I do think this white wine that has a quite rich structure and good stuffing. Classically dry with a well-preserved acidity. It feels still like a quite ripe. In one sense it feels quite warm climate but it is really finely vinified because it retains the freshness. It does have a really good length as well. So I really like it.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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