Elvi Wines – Herenza Reserva 2009 – Rioja Kosher

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Red wine with a quite deep ruby-red core, however the rim is indicating a certain ageing, more towards tawny rusty. The nose is also indicating a certain age here, traditional style with extended oak ageing I would say; due to those hints of vanilla. In terms of fruitiness, we have some soft, fruity notes there; like plum, rose, and also a complexity coming from aging with a spice box, some tobacco. Soft and subtle on the palate here, we talk about mid-weight but with good flavour intensity. Soft red fruit backed up by a certain spiciness there; with anise seed, some dill, red fruit. Well rounded, quiet silky texture. Long finish and a certain level of complexity.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.