Domaine Weinbach – Clos Des Capucins 2013 – Altenbourg

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Quite youthful appearance, there is a light golden, but still with a lot of green in it indicating youth. Good purity on the nose. Fresh, lively and intense. It borders in the direction of Pinot Gris or Gewürztraminer but with stone fruit. Not really a tropical style more like a ripe pear, ripe yellow apple. There is an underlined spiciness, some of those dried spices, like Middle East spices. With a slight sensation of honey or wax. I really like the purity, I like the youth and the freshness in this one. Very good freshness on the palate that strikes me at first. Of course, it is marked by that quite lushes fruit. Not the most overtly, opulent or powerful. Well maintained acidity in this one. There is a slight grip of extract. Overall the sensation is really nice freshness. Balanced alcohol, juicy and long finish with layers of that ripe pear, ripe apple with spicy notes. Overall a very good wine.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.