Domaine Weinbach – Clos Des Capucins 2012 – Grand Cru Furstentum

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Light golden colour. Fine nose, this is a quite intense spiciness and lots of fruit. Still a quite discreet style. I highly expect it is Gewürztraminer, of course, that can be a bit overwhelming. I think this is a fine combination here with cardamom, pepper, vanilla, floral notes and then tons of lushes fruit like apricot, baked plum, honey. Very nice palate. Doubtlessly a full-bodied white wine with a lush mouthfeel. The variety is normally not really a high acid variety, but I still get a good sensation of freshness. There is a good extract in this one without bitterness. That extract gives some energy to the palate. So a good length, a quite powerful finish. You feel there is a high level of ripeness, slightly higher alcohol but well integrated. With a long lasting finish packed with those lush, yellow fruits, with that spiciness. Truly an enjoyable example of this grape variety.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.