Domaine Rouvinez – Le Tourmentin 2011 – Valais

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Red wine with a quite low colour intensity. Light to medium ruby-red I would say, a certain evolution. The nose displays red fruit, with some floral hints. There is a certain meatiness and some dried spices like anise seed, caraway. Medium weight on the palate, still appearing quite young. There is a slightly elevated acidity. Quite pronounced tannins as well. Quite elegant, juicy red fruit. With those spicy notes of black pepper. A certain hint of oak. Medium weight. Quite long finish. Still however, on the finish appearing a bit youthful, with a slight tannic sensation and still a quite youthful acidity. A wine I would definitely like to put in my cellar and let it develop over the coming two to three years.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.