Domaine La Grange – Icône Castalides 2013 – Pézenas

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Deep intense red wine with very much an opaque core, almost impenetrable. Intense fruit on the nose as well, ripe with notes of dark plum. Sweet spices, clove, vanilla, crushed dark berries, but quite integrated oak, not really noticeable. Nice bite on the palate, it starts out rather in a youthful way, with still marked tannins, we have fruit which is still very much on the young side with dark plum, dark berry notes. A bit of oak is noticeable on the palate. It’s a ripe style. Keeps lingering pretty well on the palate, medium towards long on the finish I would say. Tannins probably need some more time to round off but I think in general it’s a well-balanced wine in a generous, quite warm Southern French style.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.