Domaine Jean Gleizes – Ovilius 2013 – Coteaux de Narbonne

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Red wine with a medium towards high intensity, still youthful, marked by an almost blue purple colour, but still transparent. Clean nose, high ripeness here, very ripe fruit; we get hints here of almost jammed blackberries, plum, clove, vanilla. There’s a slight hint of oak here, but more towards the vanilla, not really highly toasted or burnt. Palate offers nice juicy fruit. Quite good volume and weight here. Youthful, still marked by some grainy tannins on the palate. The wine is of course dry, but I would still call that a rather sweet fruit, with some hints of figs and stewed plum. The influence of oak is a bit more evident on the palate. We get some of those wood tannins on the palate as well. Obviously it’s a hot climate, there’s a high degree of ripeness here. We have a slightly higher level of alcohol, however I think it’s perfectly well integrated, particularly if the wine is served at a slightly lower temperature; avoid room temperature, of course. Some herbal spiciness as well. It has a good length, thanks to the tannin, and the freshness keeps lingering on the palate, and we finish off with nice juicy red and dark berries. Attractive wine, in a quite modern style, with a clear Southern French profile; and I think this could be drunk today, but I would prefer to keep it for another year for the oak to integrate a bit more.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.