Domaine Glinavos – Paleokerisio NV – PGI Ioannina

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The colour is towards orange-brown. It has some bubbles, so quite far from the usual colours you find. The nose is very intense. I would say again, a lot of personality here. Not the classic style. Far from primary fruit, it is rather ripe with honey, nutty notes, more towards the dried grapes. It does have a certain evolution for sure. So almost liked baked fruit, dates, figs. Palate is sparkling indeed, but quite gentle mousse. It does have a certain sweetness. I would not say as sweet as a dessert wine, but still leaves a quite sugar impression on the finish. With dried fruity notes, underlined by a quite mild mousse. Good purity on the palate. The nose was showing some more evolution, but I think this is a quite particular style that I do not really know, so more like over-ripe grapes or dried grapes with those honey, date, fig, nutty notes. Hint of sweetness, or actually, a fair amount of sweetness as the finish goes on. Quite long on the finish. Pleasurable and a lot of personality.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.