Domaine Glinavos – Dryades 2007 – PGI Eprirus

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Quite deep core here, dark ruby-red. Also indicating some evolution. The rim is slightly more toward the tawny. High viscosity as well. Intense nose with some evolution and complexity. Slight hint of barnyard with leather, dark berries, quite a lot of character here. Quite rich on the palate. Full-bodied. Dense with a firm tannic backbone. However, it feels like the tannins are just about to integrate today. There is a very nice fruitiness here. Very much more, I would say, for my taste in the direction of Bordeaux with dark cassis and plum flavours in the direction of Cabernet Sauvignon. More traditional style as well. There is a slight hint of that leather, barnyardness spices. I do like it, I think it is well suited to the style. Perhaps a bit more marked on the nose, but on the palate, there is a nice fruitiness. So a fine vinification with a good integration of oak. A long and lingering finish. So slightly more rustic in the beginning, but much more fruit forward towards the end. Certainly a wine I would be happy to drink.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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